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Hi Karen,
I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how much I like the recent turn your photography has taken.  If my advice is worth anything, shoot no more flowers or pseudo-abstracts and concentrate on the pictorial.  You’re developing a great sense of space, texture and mood, which is becoming more and more evident.  And, your restrained use of HDR is what it was designed to do.  Keep it up!

Hi Karen,

I just looked at your blog at http://blog.karenlmessickphotography.com/
You have some very nice work there.  Very creative and artistic.
Congratulations on trying all these different approaches :-)

Alain Briot
Author of Mastering Landscape Photography

Karen –
I have been working with photography as a hobby for the past 25 years.  In the short time I had with your class, I learned more useful techniques than I have ever received in any other class I have taken.  The personal attention you provided along with practical examples and hands-on experience paid off immediately.  I am now able to capture the picture correctly the first time - with little to no corrective processing in Photoshop necessary.  Many thanks – this was time very well spent and I look forward to more rewarding classes with you in the future.
John Soulé, CISSP
Senior Analyst, Cybersecurity
Enterprise FISMA Program Office

Hi Karen,

I saw your lecture at the Nature Visions Expo yesterday. WOW! Your images and your inspiration was life changing. I cannot tell you how impressed I was with your work. I especially liked your impressionistic style photos. Your presentation made the entire weekend worth it.  Your style is so creative and yet you also made it look so simple, but I realize it’s not that easy.

Mike Whalen~

Hi Karen,
I cannot thank you enough for taking the time this past weekend to work with me during the beach workshop. Even though it was work for you I hope you experienced as much enjoyment working with us as we did shooting. The knowledge you passed along and in addition having me apply techniques I have used in a different setting is priceless. What I equally enjoyed as shooting is the enthusiasm you pass along. There is no doubt photography is your passion.
Vincent Lerie

Hi Karen-

Thank you again for the class.  I didn't realize how much I'd actually picked up until I got home and saw how the images turned out.

I have already had a lot of compliments for the photos from that day.

-Brad M. Virginia

Hi Karen --  I was one of your students @ Fells Pt Saturday. Great program.  Thanks. I've posted some of my shots on Flickr.  You deserve credit for many of the shots.  I hope to do another of your programs some time in the future.  All the best.  Bob Ogren

Thank YOU so much for a great class!  I feel like I learned so much ----- AND got a sense of how much more there is to learn.  I was always shocked at the end of each class --- it just seemed like the time flew by in an instant! 
Karen Dean

Hi Karen,
I just wanted to write to tell you how interesting and very informative you made "The Art of Seeing." I truly learned a lot and started putting what I learned to use this morning. While I walked to work from the train station, I actually started looking all around me and looking at everything around me. I thought of things I was seeing in even numbers and odd numbers. What really amazed me was that I was actually now looking at buildings to discern what was symmetric and what was asymmetric. The greatest thing I learned was the Rule of Thirds. This morning while riding the train and going through "Digital Photography", I actually looked at the placement of pictures. I feel like I am really opening my eyes to see everything around me. Thank you! I got more than my $30 worth from your class. I would have paid $50 for this ton of knowledge in only 2 hours.
Again thanks and I look forward to taking another class or workshop from you.
Gwen Pegram


Many thanks for today's excellent lesson.  You are both an excellent photographer and teacher.


You are a fabulous teacher and we learned so much that will enhance our photography skills. Many thanks.

Joan Lessans  

Thank you  for your  patient and helpful instruction today at the Conservatory macro class.  I enjoyed it tremendously - great exercise with a brand new camera!  I appreciated your personal attention and your shared enthusiasm of photography!  Loved the bubble experiment in the water fountain, too!  I plan to join your Tulip & Spring Landscapes class in May.
Thanks again!


I enjoyed your class very much on Saturday -- it was worth the trip from DC!

Best, Tom